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I now know that all of us Earth humans are intricately woven right into a connective tissue-like weave, A great deal much more than a network, and much more just like a kind of overfunction – spokes to some grand wheel on the center of which can be nothing at all and almost everything, simply because all of us alongside one another are It.

Toltecs, from the sacred well at Chichen Itza, threw 40 virgin ladies as sacrifices, along with gold, silver and copper ornaments created from metals refined from ores Mesoamerica lacked. Art about the ornaments showed bearded Sumerian kinds, as well as Sky Gods [Nibirans].

For the center of the entrance wall, the Gate of Viracocha made a 4-foot opening. “Ways then triggered a terrace amongst the first and 2nd walls from which a passage opened versus a transverse wall at a correct angle” and brought about the 2nd terrace.

“I chose to deliver the alleged Anunnaki woman Photograph to 2 different photoshop specialists. The first just one hopes to be anonymous, but the next a single was Barbara Brown, aka Wiolawa (), of Indigenous Indian descendent, whom for my part has done awesome exploration to the exopolitical scene, largely by utilizing Photoshop being a tool. More often than not, she’s been suitable on! I didn’t mention nearly anything about what I’d been explained to relating to this Image. In both of those situations they came again While using the identical reply: this individual is just not absolutely human, but a hybrid. Wiolawa even explained she looked as if it would have some kind of “overlay”.

A nearby website Peruvian web-site shows Gilgamesh of Uruk, Sumer, in Mesopotamia, wrestling two lions–very good evidence of precisely the same people today inhabited both equally locations.

The 3 key buildings rose from terraces that elevated them and leaned them from forty-foot high outer western wall that ran 500 feet and encompassed the complicated on three sides and remaining the website open up for the river on the east side.

Our Sumerian ancestors didn’t visualize gods who made them literate and explained to them what to write. Instead of make up gods, Sumerians observed, listened to and bred with Anunnaki as incredibly tall, long-lived people today. Sumerians builders supply watched the giants run equipment and pcs; they saw them fire weapons of mass destruction. They observed Anunnaki with small units, MEs, overpower other Anunnaki. Sumerians saw Anunnaki converse into units and listened to voices reply. The Anunnaki reported the voices arrived from spacecraft beyond sight as well as the moon, southern Africa, the Andes and the Indus Valley, as well as from visible rockets, shuttlecraft, orbiting stations and planes. Sumerians tagged Anunnaki aircraft, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and desktops with their own personal words and phrases and text the gods taught them.

For another 150 decades, most Nibirans on this planet went first to Adad’s spaceport at Nazca, then in rockets back again to Nibiru. Some, nevertheless, “dispersed from Sumer, accompanied their followers to much lands inside the far corners in the Earth; Other people remained nearby, rallying their supporters to some renewed challenge to Marduk.

Ampitheaters like Gobekli abound On this Portion of Anatolia. The builders produced them ovoid-formed with stone builders workshop and mortar benches that facial area two central monolith-pillars.

Von Ward summarizes many of the proof: “Eyewitness reports recorded on papyrus, copper, clay, stone, Wooden and fabrics can be found in situ or of acknowledged provenance. Later on interpretation of those texts replicate the culture’s file of its aware Recollections.

What This is certainly about – in your case and for each of the observers considering your trek – is exactly what’s amongst your ears As well as in that nervous process of yours fed from the blood Some others want. And what you're lacking is systematically practical details – about this, about oneself, regarding your descent, regarding your personal biology, regarding the faculties you have got experienced which have led you to definitely anxiety and after that to new realizations.

Arriving rocketships landed around the vast stone platform adjoining the start tower, then would be set in position–as were performed for the colossal stone blocks–inside of The large stone enclosure ready for launching.” “Baalbek was incorporated in to the post-Deluvian Landing Corridor in the Anunnaki once they redirected here planned the setting up of a spaceport during the Sinai to replace the 1 in Mesopotamia wiped out via the Deluge.

The east/west parallel that crosses probably the most land along with the north/south meridian that crosses essentially the most land intersect below.

Enki, drunk and in sexual warmth with Inanna, gave her Laptop or computer equipment (MEs) he later on regretted but couldn’t get again. These equipment, including The Exalted Tiara, the Exalted Scepter and Employees, the Exalted Shrine, established in jewels and and crystals and affixed to her clothing, a scepter or shrine, could “emit and Manage a pressure discipline,” or perhaps a ME sewn into her dresses “could emit a luminous discipline” that produced her “glance clothed in radiance” and let her proclaim herself queen, “clothed in radiance.

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